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Carmazzi's Merchadise

<> Custom made fruit baskets for every occasion.

<> Candies ranging from Mr. Goodbar to 2 cent gummies, string licorice and those dots on wax paper!

<> A variety of tobacco products including pipes and pipe tobacco.

<> Deli meats and cheeses, made to order sandwiches along with custom meat and cheese trays.

<> Hand packed ice cream.

<> Electrical fuses.

<> Watch batteries.

<> Toys for the kids.

<> Newspapers from Urbana, Dayton, Springfield, Columbus, Cleveland and the New York Times.

<> Greeting cards.

<> Bug repellants.

<> Peanuts by the pound.

<> Urbana's own Mumford Potato Chips

<> Lighters and fluid, cold drinks, batteries, toilet paper, canned goods, snack crackers, pens and pencils and a whole lot more...