Carmazzi's History

Residing in Beautiful Downtown Urbana, Ohio's oldest building is Carmazzi's Deli & Candy Store. The building marks the southwest corner of Monument Square. Built in 1811, the Federal Style building has an immense history:

>During the War of 1812, it housed Yankee General Jonathon Meigs' headquarters.

>After the war, it was home of a railroad office.

>In 1893, Sam Bianchi opened Bianchi's Fruit Store.

>Bianchi's niece Victoria and her husband Frank Carmazzi took over the store in 1931 and renamed it Carmazzi's.

>In 1944, after the death of her husband Frank, Victoria continued to run the store with the help of her children, Bob, Rosemary and John.

>Victoria's son John Carmazzi acquired the store in 1952 and is still the present owner.

>Five generations of family members have worked in the business and is now managed by John' nephew's wife, Janet Todd.

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