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Carmazzi's Delicatessen & Candy Store is located at 100 South Main Street in Beautiful Downtown Urbana, Ohio. If you don't know where to buy it, try Carmazzi's. In the one-room store with a sardine can layout. John Carmazzi has one of the greatest varieties of merchandise found in one location. As one of the few remaining general stores, Carmazzi's sells everything from canned soup to the New York Times, electrical fuses, deli meats, and one can't forget the candy. Carmazzi's is a one of a kind grocery/gift/candy/toy/deli/soda/shop, among a few things. When you step inside the store, you get a sense of homeliness or of claustrophobia. A friendly smile greets you and the small talk makes you feel good inside. You would be amazed by how much merchandise is actually in the two aisled store. Kids frequent the store to buy their favorite candies and adults come in to feel young again.

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There is no other store on earth like Carmazzi's!